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This is a brand new group forming that will perform all types of music for all types  of audiences to enjoy!

Please remember our motto: “Make The Magic Of Music Happen in Your Life!”. This magic takes away all the strife, anger, frustration, hate and blues that happening in your life at least for the time you are listening to the wonderful sounds of music.

This new group will be performing  music not only in English, but in Spanish, Latin, Italian, and many others.

There will be back up singers, a Chorus and just maybe some professional dancers.

If you are interested in being a part of this new group of professional instrumentalists group, please contact:

ED6996D@GMAIL.COM or you can call 813-671-4278.

This is not going to be an ordinary  band or orchestra, but something very new and exciting!

Stay tuned for more information coming very soon! If interested, Please, contact me as soon as possible for location dates and times of rehearsals.

More information coming up on about the beginning, performance locations and much more.

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