There are some Percussion Instruments already available, on hand, to use. These are the property of this Non-Profit Organization.

They are: Singerland Bass Drum,

Full Set of Drums including the Snare drum, Sabian Top-hat, Sabian 18″ Cymbal, Seat and much, much more.

There is also available the Percussion Ensemble which has all the  following items: Triangle, Cowbell, tambourine, Chimes, Maracas, Wood block, Bell, Meir Christmas Sleigh Bells, and much more.

Lastly, There is a double set of Trombolies which can be used standing or tilted in any direction for comfortable playing. THEREFORE, if you play any percussion instrument, you do NOT have to purchase it (them). They are already available.


Also available for use is a portable PRIVIA PIANO which is almost a full size piano!


The above items do NOT have to be purchased for playing in this new group of musicians.

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